The Characters

Aofie Flannery


Played by Sage Stafford

Aofie Flannery is a fresh-faced 17 year old satyr with her eyes set on fashion and fame. A born and raised valley girl, Aoife is exploring the world outside of the Valley and Yalanthanil for the first time in order to connect with the fey of the Wildes. She’s more than a master seamstress–there’s magic in her craft, and she hopes her designs will one day be worn by the Tsarina herself.

Lluvyras 'Lu' Ssath

Lluvyras Ssath

Played by Katie Budabin

Lu grew up in the Underworld and had no success in climbing the ladder for much of her life. At the age of 40 she was nothing but a common prison guard for those that the Drow had deemed criminals. One of these prisoners in particular, an elderly halfling woman showed Lu her first bit of compassion which blossomed into her first friendship. Eventually Lu and her formulated a plan of escape, and while the woman, Frida, escaped, Lu was caught in the act and tortured for her insubordination.

As luck would have it though, Frida was no ordinary woman, but the leader of a ‘good-guys thieves guild’ and came back in force to rescue her new friend.

Lu spent the next 50 years on the surface in Chasiana, learning many roguish tricks and more to her liking, how to cook in the restaurant that was a front for The Family.

Lu’s hobbies include:
cooking, reading up on new edible plants, spending time with her family.

Fittonia 'Toni' Silvertail


Played by Naseem Etemad

Fittonia is a 19-year-old half-orc born and raised on the Shifting Plains. Always one to carve her own path, Toni left her family at a young age to train with the Eldrin Empire military. Since recently completeting her training, she has been searching for a way to put her skills to noble purpose.

Favor, Arc 1: Spring