Meet the Maidens


Arrnodel Ithil is a Moon Elf Warlock who hails from the Mage College of Candle Keep. Placed into school at a young age, Arrnodel excelled in the alchemical arts, training under masters of the craft to eventually take up the profession. That is until one day, when gathering components, she stumbled upon a mysterious black stone. It filled her mind with serpentine whispers and, as the whispers grew, so did her sudden manifestation of powers: her warlock pact to Dendar was solidified.

Post-pact, Arrnodel could never be contented with the life of a simple alchemist. She left Candle Keep to adventure the world and find answers about this mysterious stone and her newfound powers.

Arrnodel’s hobbies include:
reading, petting her pseudodragon, gathering components, and finding true love.


Kara Brunehilde is a Dwarven Barbian who hails from deep under the Mountains. Born to the leader of her clan, she is a princess among her kind. But don’t let that fool you: from a young age Kara was trained in the traditional Dwarven art forms of fighting and drinking and made her name as a fierce warrior amongst her people.

Kara’s life underground came to an end when treachery struck her clan, and in one fell swoop Kara found herself alone in the world. Taking axe and heavy heart in hand she set out for the surface world, intending to hone her skills until the day she could return to avenge her fallen family.

Kara’s hobbies include:
drinking, brawling, architecture, and leaping from great heights.


Sawyeh Noor is a Human Monk who hails from a monastery in Rashemi. Placed in the care of monks from a very young age, Sawyeh has dedicated her life to seeking the oneness of body and mind. Under the guidance of her masters she has successfully embarked on the path to becoming a warrior of the four elements, showing a quick aptitude for fire magic. As she grew and trained, Sawyeh began to wonder about her past, receiving no answers from the temple leaders about her parents or history.

After passing her first elemental trial, Sawyeh decided to take leave of the monastery and head out into the world to find answers about her family and her growing abilities.

Sawyeh’s hobbies include:
leg day, winning competitions, eavesdropping, and throwing darts into the butts of her foes.

The Maidens behind the Maidens



​It all started the Christmas of 94’ when Brittany plugged in her first game system, the SNES, and fell in love with gaming. Since then, she has evolved full circle to the original RPG, Dungeons & Dragons. Visual art is one and the same as the art of magic to Brittany, so she usually plays a magic-user. By day, Brittany weaves her own magic into her work as a tattoo artist – illustrating stories and meanings by her client’s request. Like a warlock, she earned her powers through a lifetime of practice and an apprenticeship from an all-knowing mentor.



Sage Stafford has been a renaissance nerd for many years. Their interests expand from philosophy to physics to Magic: The Gathering to board games and tabletop roleplaying games. When Sage isn’t playing games with their wonderful friends, they’re working on two Bachelor of Science degrees at Mills College. Sage vehemently advocates for social equality so that everyone has the opportunity to be a nerd in their own way ^_^ Naturally, their favorite characters to play are healers and tanks, ready to take on whatever challenges the world brings!



Naseem Etemad is a Los Angeles based actor which probably has something to do with her love of Dungeons and Dragons and other RPGs. As a lifelong gamer, she quickly fell for the cooperative storytelling and improvisational aspects of the game in her high school years. “I’m lucky to get to play with my friends – some of the most talented roleplayers I know – who inspire me each time we play, and so thankful to be able to share this absurd story with an audience that cares about these characters as much as we do.”



Celeste has been a gamer since the first day her little 10-year-old self inherited a pristine red box Dungeons & Dragons set. Through AD&D, 3.0, 3.5, 4th Ed, and now 5th Ed she’s loved every minute in the tabletop RPG world. Storytelling and world building has always been an important part of her life through both theatre and gaming. Check out her appearances as both PC’s & DMing wherever the internet is found. May your 20’s always be natural.



Katie Budabin plays Fera Velen on the Venture Maidens podcast. Katie started out with a love of fantasy from a young age, reading books about women in medieval settings. It was these novels that showed her strength could be found in more than just brute force. Ever since that first read, she began looking for creative outlets and found herself in the Dungeons & Dragons community. Her passion for the game and role playing prowess has lead to her being recruited by several D&D live streams and podcasts. Since her first awkward NPC interaction, to slaying her first ancient black dragon, she’s fallen for this game that created so many memories through the rolling of dice and sharing of snacks.