Episode 1: Bringing Home the Bacon

Join four lifetime lady gamers as we craft our real play 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons podcast. The elven warlock Arrnodel Ithel (played by Brittany Quintero), the human monk Sawyeh Noor (Naseem Etemad), and the dwarven barbarian Kara Brunehilde (Sage Stafford) set out to find their gold and glory through the storytelling of their Dungeon Master (Celeste Conowitch).

See the beginning of our heroes’ journey. From humble origins: between trying to keep kosher in pig town and yoga mat squabbles. Our three adventurers rise to the occasion as they take on their first test from the mysterious ‘Sisters of Sorrow’. What is the mystery of Middleton? Will they find the cause in time? Or will the bears get them first?

Disclaimer: This episode, and several other early episodes have significantly lower audio quality than our later episodes. If you would prefer to jump in to those later episodes due to quality, check out our first recap episode which will catch you up on the story so far from Episode 1-17.

Gather round travelers to hear our tale…


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